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The Beaches

May 10, 2010

Because summer is around the corner I thought I would post some of my beach photos. My family was a warm climate family, so most of my vacations were spent at the beach. As I have grown up I am constantly inspired by the way the land, sky, and sea divide itself, the patterns and colors in the sand from the water and wind, how you can feel like you have infinite possibilities or you are at the end of the earth, or even in another time.

Left: Amalfi 2003 Right: Barcelona 2004Left: Turks & Caicos 2004 Right: Gayana 2010Southampton 2009

Kamakura 2010

North Island 2007

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  1. December 8, 2010 7:37 am

    the last photo is just absolutely beautiful.
    icame across your blog by googling art basel 2010… love all your posts. got me hooked as a reader!

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