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Black And White All Over

October 26, 2010

Last weekend was my first show in Chelsea. It was a great experience and a lot of people came out. Over the weekend I had a chance to see what other people were showing. What was interesting to me was there was a lot of Black and White works. Some with drawings, others were paintings but all of them were so striking. I think I like black and white because our world is so saturated with color that it often blends into it other so, when you view something that is only tonal, it stands out.

Jennifer Deppe Parker– Tsunami, Avalanche, & Tornado, Oil on Canvas (What was in the show).

Jean- Michel Basquiat

Trevor Guthrie- Hindenbunny, Charcoal on Paper (love it and completely agree with the statement).

Attila Richard Lukacs- Untitled (love the texture).

Ted Lincoln (He was showing in the gallery next to mine. His pieces are made with sumi ink and rice paper and are inspired by traditional style of Chinese landscape painting. They are so beautiful, you wouldnt believe.)

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