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I’m influenced by Pop culture…

November 8, 2010

Most artist who say that I think are a rip-off. I can appreciate the value and talent that is put into work, but I think doing paintings like that is a cheap tactic for attention.

Jason Alper is a designer (mostly known for being a costume designer) who has turned his attention recently to painting. His last show was called “Proletarian Drift and the Enfranchisement of the Bourgoisie” at the Guy Hepner Gallery, in West Hollywood. His main attraction were famous painting that he made to include luxury brands’ logos. Vogue was (of course) enthusiastic, saying, “Brilliant use of logos…Alper cleverly but reverently mixes luxury brands and fine art.” Obviously he is talented but, it sucks that he has to make paintings like this to get attention.

Art like this is becoming more popular. I think viewers and buyers of art are becoming less educated about what good quality art is. Artists are able to copy things that are well known, stick it in their paintings, and say “I’m influenced by Pop culture” etc. BS. I used to love Pop Art. It was so colorful and happy and fun. But now I feel like Pop Art has turned into  just using brand logos. These logos are an obsession of culture that is about making yourself feel greater, richer, more influential than you already are. Not many people want to study, be smarter, or work hard to get that feeling. It makes me a little sad because when you look at the original paintings of the people that were in them, they had meaning and significance. Now they are just a old pretty painting behind a logo.

I did a painting in 2003 of the Statue of Liberty in a Pucci toga holding a mac laptop and using her cellphone as her torch. I called it Liberty In Classics.This painting was made to comment on the commercialism and brand obsession that was becoming more popular in our culture at that time. Now I see how bad these problems have become. When will end? How can it be fixed? I guess only time will tell.

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