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Dear Kanye

November 18, 2010

Dear Kanye,

The photos below were taken a few years ago at the Brooklyn Museum Murakami opening. It was a wonderful event and I was happy to see you there. We were able to get so close to you then. It was so much fun to see you perform (even though you forgot the words to your own songs!) But now things have changed.

I have been getting too upset by your actions over the years, and now I think our relationship must take a break. It’s my own fault too,- for believing that the 4 times I have seen you perform, you would remember your words. But honestly I’m paying you to do that. Or to think that you wouldn’t get such a big ego after everyone started wearing those stupid glasses.

Even though I do still love your old albums- your new one is awful. Also your “movie” was joke.

Gone are the days when you seemed to be a creative and sensitive underdog who loved his mom. Now you have turned into what your most recent album is about- being a crazy douchebag. Your a really smart guy- you shouldnt act so dumb.

Maybe we should take some time apart and think about how our relationship turned into this. It would be nice if you could take some time out of the spotlight, fire some of your ‘Yes’ men, and contemplate your recent actions.
I’m not saying this will be forever, but for now I think its best. I hope to be friends again one day.

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