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NADA Art Fair Miami 2010

December 3, 2010

First day of my Miami trip to the art fairs and I saw the NADA Art Fair. The NEW ART DEALERS ALLIANCE (NADA) ART FAIR was divided into a galleries showing group shows and ones showing individual artists. It is truly a mix of high and low art. There was nothing there that I did not appreciate it but I did not like everything I saw. Of course some of art I did not really understand how could be sold or put in any where else but a gallery- but I guess that would be Art for Art’s Sake which is good for the cause.

This is from the Rotwand Gallery in Zurich. It reminded me of something I had seen the last time I was in Venice.

rotwand zurich NADA Miami Beach 2010 Deppe Parker

From The Hole Gallery in New York. This art never gets old to me- maybe because I was a child of the 80s in New York. Plus the people at this booth were one of the only ones that looked like they were having a good time.

TheHole NADA Miami Beach Deppe Parker

TheHole NADA Deppe Parker

From La B.A.N.K in Paris. Its by Wen Fang. Dark and moody. I love it.

La B.a.n.k WenFang NADA Deppe Parker

The drawing below is by Carlos Valencia from Bipolart in Brooklyn. I thought it was funny.

Carlos Valencia BipolArt NADA Deppe Parker

This is Joel Kyack’s Sandwich Fountain. I instantly thought of my husband when I saw this. I think this would be perfect for a man cave where football is constantly watched.

Joel Kyack sandwich fountain NADA Deppe Parker

These are by Rob Pruitt. How can you not like things made of Pandas or even sparkly Pandas?

Rob Pruitt Panda NADA Deppe Parker

Rob Pruitt NADA Deppe Parker

Japanese contemporary art is always the easiest to identify. The work below is from Take Ninagawa gallery in Tokyo

Take Ninagawa NADA Deppe Parker

My mother always loved Georgia O. I thought this was an interesting solution for displaying something that you could make yourself.

gold skull NADA Deppe Parker

Saw this man sleeping in the middle of the lobby. I guess he was tired.

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