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Lacoste Elysee Prize 2010

December 4, 2010

Last night I went to a party to celebrate LACOSTE ELYSEE PRIZE. Lacoste, in partnership with the Musée de l’Elysée choose 12 photographers out of an original 80 from the exhibition “reGeneration2 – Tomorrow’s Photographers Today” to take a series of 3 photos inspired by the L. 12.12 polo shirt.

Having a background in advertising and marketing it was interesting to see what these photographers did. They were given complete freedom but it seemed to me that some, kind of had a hidden agenda and just threw the shirt into the background and others, had ideas that were relevant to the brand. I guess that’s what happens when you give artists an assignment like this.

The winner of the 2010 LACOSTE ELYSEE PRIZE is Di Liu (China) below.

Di Liu Lacoste Elysee

Di Liu Lacoste Elysee

Benjamin Beker

benjamin beker lacoste elysee

benjamin beker lacoste elysee

Camila Rodrigo Grana. I really liked this one. It was the only one that actually felt like it could be a ad for lacoste but in a Third World country.

Florian Joye. The photos were of burning Lacoste boxes made in other countries.

florian joye lacoste elysee

Geoffrey H Short. The photos were of explosions which looked like alligators.

Geoffrey H Short Lacoste Elysee

Jen Davis. These photos I felt were one of the ones that felt like the shirt was just thrown in as an after thought.

Jen Davis Lacoste Elysee

Jen Davis Lacoste Elysee

Kalle Kataila.

kalle kataila lacoste elysee

kalle kataila lacoste elysee

Kristoffer Axen. Creepy and dark but I like it.

kristoffer axen

Liu Xiaofang. This photographer was inspired by traditional Chinese paintings and the great surge of construction in China.

Liu Xiaofang Lacoste Elysee

Liu Xiaofang Lacoste Elysee

Richard Mosse. Another series of Third World country inspired advertisements. But the colors are beautiful.

 Richard Mosse Lacoste Elysee

Richard Mosse Lacoste Elysee

Tereza Vlckova. I’m sorry but this photo was a little strange to me.

Tereza Vlckova Lacoste Elysee

Ueli Alder. Took polaroids of different distressed tennis courts.

Ueli Alder Lacoste Elysee


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