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Pulse Miami

December 7, 2010

Here is a little tip from me to art dealers and anyone else who does not have good manners- Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Not all rich people dress in fancy clothes and poor people in rags. You never know who can buy art from you or be useful to you. The reason I am making this statement is because the Pulse show was wonderful not only because it was laid back, fun, and the art was interesting but because the people that were working there were friendly and nice. This was not the case at all the Art fairs in Miami.

With that rant over. Here’s what saw:

Al Farrow – Makes sculptures of religious structures from Guns, Gun Parts, Bullets, Steel and Bones. Not only are the sculptures a wonderful commentary but they are beautiful.

Al Farrow Pulse Deppe Parker

Al Farrow Pulse Deppe Parker

Colectivo MR

Colectivo MR Pulse Deppe Parker

Daniel Gonzalez – Sequined graffiti. Love.

Daniel Gonzalez Pulse Deppe Parker

Heeseop Yoon – This was a full wall mural made of black tape.

Heeseop Yoon Pulse Deppe Parker

Hsin-Cheng Huang – This reminded me of Wim Delvoye’s work. Both are so intricate and beautiful.

Hsin-Cheng Huang Pulse Deppe Parker

Jiha Moon – I liked the overlapping structure of this piece and the color. Sort of a modern day Japanese print.

Jiha Moon Pulse Deppe Parker

Larissa Bates

Larissa Bates Pulse Deppe Parker

Laurel Roth – Handmade peacock sculpture made out of hair clips, eye lashes and fake fingernails. Very cool.

Laurel Roth Pulse Deppe Parker

Mark Wagner – Makes his pieces of what looks like pieces of dollar bills. Hopefully they are not real.

Mark Wagner Pulse Deppe Parker

Martin Witfooth – Baboon Baccus painted well and funny.

Martin Witfooth Pulse Deppe Parker

Pieter Hugo – Takes the most wonderful portraits of Africa’s marginal people. The intense, vivid, provocative and often scary portraits are amazing. I regret not buying one of his photos 2 years ago when I first saw them.

Pieter Hugo Pulse Deppe Parker

Simen Johan – I just thought this was funny.

Simen Johan Pulse Deppe Parker

3/Three‏ – I was introduced to these artists in March. I think its a pretty simple concept but I like it.

Three Pulse Deppe Parker

3/Three Pulse Deppe Parker

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