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The Lucky Seven

December 7, 2010

Seven was an art show in Miami organized by seven New York galleries, which included Hales Gallery, Pierogi Gallery, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, BravinLee programs, Postmasters Gallery, PPOW,  and Winkleman Gallery. They describe what they are doing as “a special exhibition in the Wynwood District during the art fair week in Miami. Defined by large installations and collaborative curatorial projects, the exhibition has consistently stood out among the multiple fairs taking place at the same time and been hailed for its “room to stretch out, taste and class to spare, and good stuff.” If I was a gallerist, this is what I would do; Show art on my own terms.

Nina Bovasso – There is something very warm and feminine about her work. I also really liked the rug.

Nina Bovasso Seven Deppe Parker

Nina Bovasso Rug Seven Deppe Parker

Adam Cvijanovic – Reminded me of anime or 80s cartoon. I thought the space part of it was so wonderful.

ADAM CVIJANOVIC Seven Deppe Parker

Bob and Roberta Smith -I really liked their statements.

Bob and Roberta Smith Seven Deppe Parker

Ati Maier – These pieces made a strong impression on me. It reminded me of cosmic rollercoasters; exciting, fun  and colorful.

Ati Maier Seven Deppe Parker

Ati Maier Seven Deppe Parker

Yoon Lee

Yoon Lee Seven Deppe Parker

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