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Primary Flight

December 9, 2010

While in Miami I noticed there were graffiti murals everywhere. What was interesting about this was not that there were the murals everywhere but that they were being made out in the open. This made me believe that the murals were planned and paid for by a sponsor and, were being painted by someone who was not hooded or running away. Coming from New York where this is a very rare sight, I was shocked.

I remember New York in the 80s, where train cars where moving murals and some graffiti artists became living legends who’s art is now worth millions. I long for those days where my city was painted by beautiful abstract lettering or odd images and, have been quite bored by the fact that it does not exist anymore in New York. SO driving through Miami, where (I later discovered) Primary Flight started an annual project of commissioning artists from around the world to paint these murals, was a joy.



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