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Lego Nerd!

January 24, 2011

Call it what you will but I loved Legos as a kid and I still love them. I loved setting them up and leaving them stuck together to play with for years. So when I saw the Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Lego set, I had to have it.

lego frank lloyd wright falling water

This took me far too long to actually put together because I chose to share the process with my husband. I was always in awe of the large sculptures that I would see in the aisles of FAO but it always made me wonder how long it would take to put them together.

lego giraffe

lego polar bear

I thought this was cool Lego street art- To use Lego bricks instead of real ones.

One artist that has been using Legos as his art medium is Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya’s art form takes shape primarily in 3-dimensional sculptures and oversized portraits. Its really incredible what he can make.

lego Conan

lego ascention-tall

lego han solo

lego heart

lego liberty

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  1. Carolllyn Philip permalink
    February 11, 2011 1:24 am

    I love Legos. Gave Russ the Empire State building to go with his Guggenheim, I think. Where can I see Sawaya’s works?

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