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Pulse NYC 2011

March 5, 2011

I really like Scope and Pulse as a concept. I think the art is so much different than the art at the Armory. But in the New York shows I think Scope was better than Pulse. Either way, here is what I liked.

Shay Kun – I thought this was so beautiful and so bright.

Shay Kun

Andres Basurto – Skulls made out of broken beer bottles. I always like Mexican art with skulls. These would be cool if they were hung in a place that sunlight that poured through the glass.

Andres Basurto

Andres Basurto

Shimon Okshteyn – “Chanel #5” Beautiful painting but things like this I think are kind of cheap, but also a smart business decision. This painting will sell but not because of the technical ability of the artist. To make money or to not make money…

Shimon Okshteyn

Melissa Cooke – “Afternoon Delight” This is a drawing(!) Incredible technical skill.

Melissa cooke

Tim Etchells – “Please Come Back”

Tim Etchells

Maisie Broadhead – “Nipple Pinch” Based on the french painting below. Very cute, tongue in cheek, adaptation.

Maisie Broadhead

Firelei Baez – Very small but exotic paintings. The photo does not do them any justice of how beautiful they really were.

Firelei Baez

David Antonio Cruz – “Dorothy, Back off my pink chair” I usually do not like this type of art but, there was something about this one that was alluring.

David Antonio Cruz

Hadieh Shafie – “11575 Pages” Rolled up painted pieces of paper.

Hadieh Shafie

Hadieh Shafie

Jorge Mayet – Reminded me of my disaster paintings.

Jorge Mayet

Kristofer Porter – Surreal and a little disturbing. I liked it.

Kristofer Porter

Dieter Rehm – Looks like a cheap photoshop trick but I think it turned out well.

Dieter Rehm

Paul Villinski – I originally saw this artist a few years ago. I think his work is quite subtle but beautiful.

Paul Villinski

William Betts – “YYZ” Tiny acrylic dots that created a pixel-like image of a plane. I saw another piece like this by a different artist at the Armory. Its interesting seeing digital concepts being brought into traditional art.

William Betts

Jens Schubert – All of these stamps on the floor were used to make the framed image.  It was interesting to see so many things incorporated into one.

 Jens Schubert

 Jens Schubert

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