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Armory Show NYC 2011

March 6, 2011

I know I’m a little slow uploading these photos. But if you are in the art scene or you have gone to a large art show like the Armory in the last two years, you have probably seen a lot of the artists that were at the Armory show. Some were showing new work but others were doing the same thing. I appreciated the new artists I found and, also enjoyed the other ones that I am already familiar with. Sometimes though, its like running into an old friend, sometimes you are happy to see them and other times you try to avoid them.

Below are the things I liked.

Bharti Kher – “Scratching the Surface” This was a new artist to me. I loved the color and texture and saw that when you looked close at it, you realized the circles were made of sperm shapes.

Bharti Kher

Bharti Kher

Elmgreen & Dragset – “Grown Up Rocking Horse” I have a very hard time remembering names so, its always interesting to me when I am attracted to art by artists that I have seen and liked before. The artists that made the rocking horse below, I originally saw and loved when I saw them in Venice.

Elmgreen & Dragset

At the Venice Biennale they created something called The Collectors’ for the Nordic Pavilion (below) They recreated a 1960s ‘home’ deserted except for a body floating in a pool. Other works have included a Prada boutique in the center of the Texan desert and creating a pool diving board from the window of a Californian home and transforming a venue in to a subway station.

elmgreen dragset the collectors nordic pavilion

elmgreen dragset

Steven Bindernagel – “Bottom of the Sky” I really liked this. I did not know of this artist before the Armory. There was something raw and rough but delicate and beautiful.

Steven Bindernagel

Xia Xiaowan – “Human Body #6” This was glass pencil and 25 tinted glass panels each 6mm thick. There was something quite incredible about this piece. It was so strong but it must have taken such patience.

Xia Xiaowan

Xia Xiaowan

Ivan Navarro – “Armory Fence” I have seen other pieces by Mr. Navarro which I have liked a lot. It has to be the neon because in reality the concepts are so simple.

Ivan Navarro

Candida Höfer – “Chateau de Versilles III” C-print. Buying photography makes me nervous because technically a photo is a print, its just the quality of print that is printed. Plus I know photographers say that they will only print a certain photo a certain amount of times, but what happens if they die. Who will know how many times the photo will be printed?

That being said I liked this photo.

Candida Hofer

Wim Delvoye – “Dump Truck” Lasercut stainless steel. I have talked about this artist before on this blog. I think the work is technically impressive and beautiful. Its a great example of high and low.

Wim Delvoye Dump truck

Wim Delvoye Dump truck

Wim Delvoye Dump truck

Kehinde Wiley – Love this. The skin is just so wonderful.

Kehinde Wiley

Robert Longo – “Untitled (Rose)” I love this so much. I am a big fan of Robert Longo and I pretty much love everything he does.

Robert longo Rose

Eric Daigh – Eric Daigh was commissioned by Acura to make this piece. He uses red, yellow, blue, and black thumb tacks to create an image, the way a tv does. In this instance he took an image of a car door handle and created a “black and white” image.

This is an example of another artist using corporate America to show their work. I would love to do something like this but I think one has to be very careful of who they make partnerships with because, it can go terribly wrong.

Eric Daigh Acura

Eric Daigh Acura

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  1. Carolllyn Philip permalink
    March 6, 2011 11:58 pm

    Buy a photograph because it moves you, offends you, challenges you, or because you cannot imagine not seeing every day, not because it has the potential to increase in value.


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