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Become Your Dream

April 17, 2011

One year ago I started this blog. Just a girl with a camera and a dream, looking to promote what she can do. As this anniversary came around, I began to think about what has happened in the last year. I am a year older but am I wiser? I have been to 5 different countries this year, but have those travels given me a different perspective on life? I have struggled with success and stressed over my mistakes but, do either one of those things make me stronger? In general, I entered a “what does all this mean” phase.

I saw this written on the street today and thought; Is that what I’m doing? I decided to take a different path in life after years of training and working towards a career in design. I decided to pursue my own creative destiny by switching gears to concentrate on my own art. While I now spend most of my days painting away in my studio, I love the possibilities that art and design can create.

In the last year what I have realized is, that as an artist or a designer, you must learn to be diverse and flexible. No matter what you do or who want to be, different viewpoints can help generate new ideas. Diversity can help create innovation which, can lead to a higher plateau of creativity and understanding. So open your mind to new paths in life, because you never know where it may lead you.

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