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Hall of Justice Blue Plate Special- (Just in time for dinner)

June 1, 2011

I would like to tell you a story about a special sandwich invented by a group of people who could not decide what to eat. One wanted steak, one wanted a cheese burger, one wanted a hot dog, and one wanted them all. So they decided to start a quest to create a ridiculously large sandwich that included all these things and more. This lunch took much longer then a usual lunch but, by the time it was done, the people were so happy they did not care.

Below is the process to create this sandwich. While my role in this process was mostly to document and report this recipe, I did surprisingly enjoy the sandwich too. A little advice from me to you, do not eat anything major for several hours before or after.

(Many animals were killed to make this sandwich. Sorry PETA.)

1. Prep Steak – Cut as much extra fat off as you can. Spread evoo and salt and pepper on both sides.

2. Prep Burgers – Combine chopped burger meat with onion, garlic and other spices.

3. Prep Hot Dogs – Slice hot dogs in half.

4. Onions – Slice onions and place on grill.

5. Bacon – Sauté bacon in pan until desired crispiness.

6. Place all meat on grill starting with the steak.

7. Add cheese to burgers if desired and toast potato bun.

8. Hall of Justice Blue Plate Special – Finally pile all the different meats and onions on potato bun. Can add slice of tomato, pickles, lettuce and condiments if desired.

9. ENJOY!!!

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