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NEW WORK: The Women (& The Sex They Have)

August 12, 2011

For a few months I have blaming my procrastination on being busy and have been promising to show my new work. I admit that these excuses have been quite lame but true. Now I can finally show you what I have been doing. (Please excuse the camera phone photos).

Few things have been more idealized than the celebration of the female form by men throughout history. In response to that phenomenon, I am presenting paintings celebrating the female form and am attempting to show images which also integrate the feelings women have about sex. The paintings represent, in two different styles, the dichotomy between women’s responses to sex and the typical male idealized female body. The feminine experience of sexual desire and the act of sex are shown as intertwined complex images and symbols. In contrast, the idealized figures are depicted with traditionally simple lines of a woman’s body. As one views the paintings together, they present a dialogue between sex and the psyche and men’s response to sexual stimuli.

The Used

Yellow Woman

Red Woman

Apple Green Woman


A recent study was done at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada which measured the degree of agreement between subjective experiences of sexual arousal and physiological genital responses. Basically the researchers measured the amount of blood flow to the genitals of heterosexual men and women when they were shown 3 different sexual images (1 was a man and woman having sex, 1 was two men having sex, and the 3rd was 2 bonobo monkeys having sex). The men were only aroused when they were shown the woman and man having sex. The women were aroused when shown all 3 but mentally they only admitted to being aroused to the woman and man having sex.

When I heard about this from a friend and then further read about it, I thought it was so interesting because it is almost exactly the point that I am trying to make with my paintings.

Below is a preview of what is next.

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