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Churches in the Wild

January 6, 2012

Nevis has a phenomenal amount of churches for a 36 mile island. There seemed like there was one every 200ft. The churches are all very simple inside and out and, they almost look like they could be abandoned buildings.

The devotion by the people who attend these churches is quite extraordinary. While I was there I was told a story about a woman who recently passed away (at 98!), who walked 2 miles to the same church every Sunday for 95 years of her life. This is a very common story in Nevis, most people attend the same church for their entire lives which are often very long.

The photos below are of some of the most popular churches.

Gingerland Methodist Church, Gingerland, Nevis

This church was built in 1844. It is a very large & impressive cut-stone building in an unusual octagonal form.

Gingerland Methodist Church Nevis

St. James Church, Windward, Nevis

Built in the late 17th century in the north part of the island, this church is one of three Anglican Churches in the Caribbean to display a black crucifix. Its earliest grave marker dates to 1679.

St James church Windward

St. Thomas Church, Lowland, Nevis

The first Anglican Church in the Caribbean, and the oldest church on Nevis, St. Thomas’ was built in 1643. It is located on the main road about three miles north of Charlestown, and was built to serve the town of Jamestown, the island’s original capital that disappeared.

The church cemetery has many tombstones bearing names of Nevis’ early settlers dating back to 1649.

St Thomas Church Nevis

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  1. January 6, 2012 4:59 pm

    Great title.

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