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March 12, 2012

Scope is an art fair that I go to every year in almost every city that it is in. I think it’s good to know what less established artists are doing apposed to the artists that are at the Armory Show or Basel. That said, sometimes it does not give me much hope for the future in art. There was the usual pieces that looked like the artists had come out of college and were not concerned about presentation but, there were also a few diamonds in the rough.

Ruby Anemic – Interesting concepts but are they an easy sell?

Ralf Kaspers – These photos were interesting just because they were shown in a large scale. They are not completely real photos (obviously changed by photoshop in different ways), but that does not change what you feel when you look at them.

Max Gruter – A fantastical view on something that often captivates the imaginations of men.

Magdalena Murua – I liked this piece just because it was so intricate. Magdalena used cut up pieces of magazines to create a textured and complicated piece.

D*Face – (aka. Dean Stockton) I always enjoy the funny or clever graffiti or the sculptural pieces that come from D*Face.

Generic Art Solutions – A collaborative team that takes photos that are similar to well known paintings.

Samuel Toro Rosa – I just thought this was funny.

Claire Shegog – Another obsessive textured piece but in a different way. Claire uses these small figures of women in her Busby series to create repetitive designs that are influenced Busby Berkeley’s movies.

Hans Kotter – This piece was titled Tunnel View – Down Under, Square. A lot of artists have been playing with this concept (neon or light mirrored to create a tunnel) and I’m not sure why. Yes it’s attractive but, is it worthy of several different artists creating the same thing?

Tim Maxwell – I liked this drawing because it was made with ballpoint pen and it looked like the 3 graces were on fire.

Bovey Lee – I always like a paper cut (mostly because I could never do it).

Pakpoom Silaphan – Using vintage Coca-cola and Pepsi advertising signs as his canvas, Silaphan creates portraits of influential figures including Pop icons and revered artists who have inspired him such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Frida Khalo amongst others.  These figures populate the signs, making a clear connection between icons and the advertising industry.

Jessica Lichtenstein – If you have ever seen any pop culture references to Japan you would see hyper-sexualized Japanese figurines. Jessica uses her own figurines similar to the ones found in Japan in fabrics, light box sculptures, and in toy-like sculptures.

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  1. Tim Maxwell permalink
    March 12, 2012 11:36 pm

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for inclusion of my piece 3 graces (small version). I was thinking the same as I was working on this. I gravitate towards the iconic, to relieve the burden of subject matter.

    The open forms of this piece (photographed by me at musee d’orsay) creates a lot of room for invention, and study (kinda like cezanne’s apples). I try to get the image dead on at first. This never happens. When I realize I can’t make it perfect, I completely ignore the source and just draw. The drawing has a mind of it’s own. Or I will the drawing. I never know who’s driving.

    I started thinking/seeing a self-immolation in progress (Tibetan monks), then the form started to remind me of Donatello’s Mary Magdalen, then I remembered Bernini’s unfinished cherubs in the Vatican Museum (skeletal w/ chicken wire as wings). Then the piece turned into a kind of Memling or Cranach allegory of time(mortality).

    Anyway, I’m working on a 90″x60″ drawing of the 3 Graces and I (and I hope yourself) will be eagerly waiting to see finished drawing. It probably will take 500 est. complete, so I’d love to send you an image in a month a half!

    The medium is by default, I can think more quickly with a ballpoint pen (I used a mont blanc Kafka pen for this one). Using any other medium would be the equivalent of Dante writing in Latin, or Shakespeare writing in French. (yeah I know pretentious) but artists have to be well armed.

    you gave me an excellent opportunity to write about myself –

    Again many thanks,



    • March 13, 2012 12:03 am

      I would love to see the drawing when it’s done! 500 hrs is a lot.
      Your process is so interesting to me. I am an artist too but I dont think I have the patience to do such a large drawing in pen.
      Anyway thanks so much for writing to me. Definitely send me new stuff once you have it and add me to your mailing list.
      Talk to you soon,

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