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Art in London

April 3, 2012

I went to as many galleries as I could while I was in London. For me finding galleries that are innovative and interesting are like meeting a new person that you would like to be friends with. You want more from them in every way possible. This is the way I felt about a lot of the galleries in London. They were different and new and, they were not afraid to show something provocative. The following are my highlights.

At Scream gallery they were showing Derrick Santini’s lenticulars (which is a technology that changes one image into another). I used this technology in a project for the History channel a few years ago so I found it interesting that artists are now using it. It’s hard to tell what is going on in his pieces by the images below but, in person they were definitely pretty cool.

At the Gagosian gallery, they were showing Thomas Ruff nudes. They were large scale, slightly pornographic, out of focus nudes. I’m not really sure why they were so great but, I thought they were worth a discussion.

At all the White Cube locations they are showing art from Gilbert & George. I went on a Monday and after 30 minutes of getting lost and searching for the gallery, I showed up to a closed gallery. Luckily they let me in to see the show because I agreed to pose for a photo as a ‘viewer’ of show for the Gilbert & George archives.

It’s hard to explain what their art is. Even the paragraph on the White Cube website is kind of confusing. So I thought I would just post this quote and show the art.

‘Our subject matter is the world. It is pain. Pain. Just to hear the world turning is pain, isn’t it? Totally, every day, every second. Our inspiration is all those people alive today on the planet, the desert, the jungle, the cities. We are interested in the human person, the complexity of life.’
Gilbert & George

Out of everything I loved the Saatchi gallery the best. From what I know about the gallery and Saatchi himself, they do not take themselves too seriously. They are not only trying to peddle art like metal cans, papers, and strings which are piled on the floor (which I lovingly refer to as ‘garbage on the floor’) as serious works of art that can never be duplicated. They show a wide variety of art- some garbage on the floor, some really interesting paintings, and other things that are inbetween. Currently they have a show about new work from Germany. It’s an interesting show because its such a wide variety of work. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

André Butzer

When you walked into the show these are the paintings you saw. They are bold and graphic but also abstract and rough.


Josephine Meckseper -The Complete History Of Postcontemporary Art

I have seen this piece before and I really liked the random organization of it. Plus I’m a sucker for a bunny that speaks french.

Ida Ekblad

I’m usually not much for abstract art but I really like these 2 pieces. I liked how vibrant and alluring they were even though they were so different.

Stalk Gills and Caps of Goodbye

To Drink A Glass Of Melted Snow

Gert & UWE Tobias

Loved this mural. Graphic, brightly colored and a little odd- Right up my alley.


Details of the mural

Jeppe Hein Mirror Wall– Cool mirrored piece which began vibrating as you approached it. You can see an example of this here

Thomas Zipp World Kantzler Office- The small framed images are of different drawings of natural disasters. I thought that if you took them off, this could be a cool design for an office (which I know should not be the point of what I saw but its true).

Georg Herold both these sculptures are called Untitled

Just so any artist out there can be impressed and intimidated at the same time, this next piece, “Christian the Lion” was made by Aidan Rymill. He is a 5 year old child that won the Saatchi Gallery Sculpture Prize For Schools. When I saw this I wondered what his future would be.

Just in case you are wondering-I am currently on the Saatchi website, which you can see by CLICKING HERE

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