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Get lost in Camden Market

April 16, 2012

Camden Market (also known as Camden Lock Market) is an area in London that is compromised of outdoor and indoor markets, bars, restaurants, food stalls and random other things. It reminded me of a several other places in the world such as Harajuku in Tokyo or St. Marks Place in New York City. It feels like it used to be a little punk or goth but now is mostly for tourists and teenagers. One of the things I liked about the market was that they had a ton of vintage clothes and furniture. (A little tip if you ever go, don’t be afraid to haggle).

There were these random large (2 stories high) sculptures all over. They were quite random and seemed out of place but also surreal and kind of fascinating.

The largest section of the market is the Stables Market. This section used to be the former Pickfords stables and horse hospital which served the horses pulling Pickford’s distribution vans and barges along the canal. Many of the stalls and shops are set in large arches in railway viaducts.

Most of London is very clean and posh. If you want a different view of London without going to a shady neighborhood, try Camden market. You never know what you might find.

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