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A Tourist in Dubai

April 30, 2012

Flying back to Europe from the Maldives I had a layover in Dubai. I have only ever heard about the crazy things that exist in Dubai like Palm Island, or the Burj Al Arab, or that there is a mall that you can go skiing in. I was excited to fly over this city and take in some of the largest architectural spectacles or see them from a far. But when I got there, they were having a small sand storm so I could not see anything. So for two hours I roamed the airport.

I loved seeing the mixture of English and Arabic signage as well as the UAE souvenirs.

Being from New York I’m used to seeing “I love NY”, Statue of Liberty, and Empire State Buildings everywhere for tourists. But in Dubai I saw so many things with camels (tshirts, stuffed animals, & snow globes) as a symbol of their city that I thought it was amusing.

Another symbol of the culture in Dubai was a Sheikh and Sheikhas. They were shown as bobbleheads, mugs, cookie jars and salt and pepper shakers.

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  1. April 30, 2012 2:58 am

    Goodness, those shiekh and shiekha bobble heads are too funny, I want one! Quite quirky souvenirs than the Empire State building/Eiffel Tower/London bridge figurines!

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