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Happened upon Trellick Tower

May 7, 2012

One thing that was really interesting to me about London was that in really upscale areas there would also be public housing. When I refer to public housing, I mean housing that is geared towards lower income people. This was true in North Kensington near Portobello Road.

I walked all the way to the end to Portobello and happened upon Trellick Tower (aka The Edenham Street project). There was something about this building that appealed to me and I did not know why. The design was modern 60s and it looked like the building had fallen on some hard times.

I later learned that in the late ’70s Trellick Tower had a very poor reputation for crime (rapes in lifts and staircases, children attacked by drug addicts)and other anti-social behavior. However, with the introduction of the ‘right to buy’ council homes, many of the flats were bought by the tenants. Recently private properties inside the tower (September 2007) were selling for between £250,000 for a one-bedroom flat to £480,000 for three-bedrooms, while the tower itself has become something of a local cult landmark.

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