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Frieze New York 2012 Post 2

May 8, 2012

Continued from the previous post. The following are more of what I liked at Frieze.

Matthew Day Jackson – Anatomical Drawing (Seas/Oceans = Nervous System)

Dwight Mackintosh – I liked the movement of these drawings.

Jack Pierson – Anything Helps – Cool signage but not sure why you could not make it yourself.

Merlin James – Garden

Jim Shaw – Bone Sculpture – Loved this piece. It first reminded me of roots of a tree. Then I saw the drawings and I felt like they were tortured souls trapped inside. It was kind of creepy but also alluring and modern. Thought if it had been a little shorter then it would have been a amazing table (which I know is not the point).

Banks Violette – Untitled (88) – Old looking signage never gets old for me. These were actually almost 6ft tall so I’m not sure where you could put them. Maybe in a garden?

Gert & Uwe Tobias – Untitled (GUT/1880) – Saw a painting/print from these guys at the Saatchi gallery in London. There is something odd about the pieces that make complete sense to me. I think big things are going to happen for them.

Brian Calvin – Memory of a Sister (Eva) – Similar in style to Alex Katz but I liked the color changes from one to the other. Stirring without much detail.

Paulina Olowska -I can’t really put a finger on why I liked this but, I thought it was peaceful and pleasing from the beginning.

Garth Weiser – The simplicity and texture on these paintings were phenomenal. It’s so rare that you see something so detailed.

Gary Hume – Pink Lips

George Condo – Lost in Chartres – A little too pop art for me but I liked the colors.

Paul McCarthy – White Snow Dwarf, Sleepy #1 (Midget) – I loved Snow White when I was little so I thought this was cute. Found it a little disturbing when I saw the back was falling out. I don’t think Disney would be happy.

Elliott Hundley – A Clearing V – Hard to tell what is going on here but its pins with paper and photos attached to them.

Aaron Young – Drives a motorcycle over the panels to circular patterns. I like the movement and patterns that were created on the red background.

Still not at the end. More to come later today.

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