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Last #Knicks game at MSG

May 16, 2012

I grew up in a house that mostly watched football- Florida Gator football actually. I played soccer in high school as well as had a very short career in basketball. But the sport I have always enjoyed watching more than anything is basketball. So last year when my husband and I decided to get season tickets to the Knicks, I was more than overjoyed.

It was a very dramatic year, because of the lock-out, change of coaches, injuries, an undiscovered player becoming a media star and, a role reversal between our two star players. Through all of this, (as many New York Knicks fan know), our team was not the best this year. But that did not stop us from cheering and screaming our heads off in support of them.

These last shots were taken at the Game 4 of the Knicks/Heat playoff series. It was the first game they won in the last 13 tries in the playoffs.

This year I found a new young player that I loved. Iman Shumpert is one of those players that I think could become a great NBA star. I’m sure for an injured player to watch a game like this one, it must have been very difficult emotionally. But when I asked to take a photo with him, he could not have been nicer.

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