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The Wind Blows and The Waters Rose

November 4, 2012

I have been fascinated with natural disasters for almost 10 years. It started because I have had family that live in areas that are prone to them, and because I find forces of uncontrollable nature mesmerizing. My obsession peaked when I did a series of paintings about them a few years ago but, I still find them very interesting today.
When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I had one of my closet friends living there. She told me about the devastation and destruction, the looting and how she couldn’t trust the food or water that was available because of the radiation. She told me about the sadness of the society; how the Japanese people were forced to mourn instead of looking towards a brighter future and rebuilding.
Now she lives here in New York, and recently told me how the atmosphere feels similar to that time in Japan (of course without the radiation issues).
The following photos are ones I found online which illustrate what happened last week.

On the two photos below, I took the one on the left over the summer and the photo on the right was taken during the Hurricane.

Rising waters in the city.

One of the most frightening things for me during the storm was watching the crane on 57th Street sway back and forth. It snapped in the early half of the storm and, the neck just dangled there for days.

Seeing the train stations like this was quite incredible.

Comparing the Jersey Shore amusement park to Coney Island was interesting to me. It makes you wonder how well rides are made.

Jersey Shore

Coney Island

Lastly the darkness of Manhattan was quite surreal. I have been here through black-outs, but never when the island was divided completely.

One of the best images I saw would be the cover of New York Magazine.

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