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Armory Show 2013

March 11, 2013

This is my 10th year attending the Armory show even though I have only been “working” in the art world exclusively for 3 years. I know the the Armory Modern side can be good but there is usually nothing new there. The other side of the Armory show is supposed to exhibit new work from all over the world. Seeing the entire Armory show can be very overwhelming and you really have to psych yourself up to prepare for the day.
This year I had a particular purpose to go to the show which was, I have taken on some consulting/curating work in my spare time and I was looking for some pieces for a collection. In my experience large shows like this are good for big buyers but the work is not anything ground breaking. Of course there are wonderful pieces to see and exceptions to every rule but, I love finding new artists and watching them blossom into big stars. These types of artists are not usually at the big shows but at the smaller satellite ones.
Below are the most interesting artists I found at the Armory show.

I AM AN AMERICAN – Shuhei Yamada
Target – Type A
Insulaire K & Insulaire M- Bernard Frize

Blow Up 203- Kyra Johnson
The chalk-drawn installation features an image of a Bank of America waiting room overlaid with scrawlings of Roman ruins by 18th Century painter Giovanni Battista Piranesi, as well as subatomic decay patterns
Dedicated to Coney Island – Tom Duncan

A Perfect Circle – Glenn Kaino

Dinner for Two: Wedding Cake – Rachel Lee Hovnanian

Untitled – Adam Putnam

Beaucoups of Blues – Richard Mosse


Ati Maier

Volatile Compound – Sarah Walker


Spontaneous Combustion – John O’Connor


In Three Words – James Nares


Zhivago Duncan
Rashaad Newsome

Geometric PrimitivesĀ – Ryan McGinness

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  1. March 11, 2013 5:00 pm

    Those were some of the better pieces, but nonetheless, no surprises.
    Same old, …

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