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Scope 2013

March 21, 2013

The Scope art fair in New York happened almost 2 weeks ago so you tell by this late posting that I did not see anything remarkable that I wanted to share immediately. The show was held in what seemed like a loading dock of the Post Office building which was really cool. The entrance had piled art crates which led you to the ticketing area. There was also art hung on the crates which I thought was a really interesting way to show the pieces.
This year there was a ton of “Street Art” which I always like but these artists seem a bit jaded. A lot of the time its all about hating “the man”, “big brother”, capitalism, or any other rich person. It gets a bit old. There were a few pieces which I found interesting or even funny but I do not know if I would have paid the high prices that some of them had.

The Greater White Mountains and The All Argon Hills- Jeff Chiplis
Neon is a huge trend in art. I dont know whether I liked the pieces themselves or where and how they were hung better.
scope_Jeff_ChiplisInner Calling- Yuriko Yamamoto
I have always been amused by shadow puppets. I love how these broken pieces of crystal created faces.
One of the street artists that I liked. Thought the sayings were clever.
scope_reroL. Freud- Shaka
Another street artist that I liked. The detail in the shapes were quite wonderful.

Street Allegory- Shaka
Hypertrait Magnification- Umberto Ciceri
Thought these light installations were quite pretty.
scope_Hypertrait_MagnificationVisual Echo Experiment- Chul Hyun Ahn
Another trend in the art world is light installation with mirrors so that it looks like it is endless. I like the idea behind it and I think that it would be good in the right space.
scope_chul_hyun_ahn2Culture Jam Supermarket- Ron English
Recently I have been attracted to these type of supermarket signs. These signs are a little strange but I liked the design.
Wash, Cut, Dry- Bovey Lee
Paper-cuts are one of those things that I am always amazed by. I do not have the patience for it, so anyone who can do it, I’m in awe of.
scope_bovey_lee_3Always Mao- Eugenio Merino
Thought this a little creepy but it got my attention.
scope_Eugenio_MerinoEglise san Pau- Jean-Francois Rauzier
I love the detail in this image. It is not a typical thing that you would normally see.
scope_Jean_Francois_RauzierDesigner Drugs Soft Packs- Desire Obtain Cherish
I have seen this designer drug series a few times in the last few years. It is actually one idea which I think is really clever.
scope_Desire_Obtain_CherishPaintings from the Secret Identity series- Simon Monk
I have a special place in my heart for super heroes. (I think its the kid in me really). I thought these paintings were an interesting concept all together. I do not think they would have the same effect if there were only singular paintings.

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