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Frieze New York 2013 continued

May 13, 2013

More work that I saw at Frieze…

Djordje Ozbolt – Les Objects Mystique Plastique
I love African masks and thought this was a different take on them.
Pae White – Mobile
This mobile is made out of tiny pieces of fractured mirror with the undersides painted with concentric rainbow circles. If it was longer I think it would look good in a staircase.
Spencer Finch – Sun (over the Sahra Desert, 1/2/11)
This is powder-coated steel and fluorescent light. I don’t know why but it reminds me of Burning Man.
Daniel Arsham
The ‘Five Eroded Pay Phones’ are made out of volcanic ash and resin. The figures of the men are made out of broken glass and resin. I thought these were impressive because of the material they were made out of.
Tom Friedman

Similar to Claes Oldenburg’s work. Not sure they were as interesting or thought provoking though. Plus I never realized how many people are attached to Hostess products.
Kehinde Wiley – John, 1st Baron Byron
Nathan Mabry – Shapeshift (Jaguar)
Francesco Vezzoli – Unique Forms of Continuity in High Heels
This sculpture was influenced by Umberto Boccioni’s 1913 sculpture, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, which broke boundaries during that time. The original was also a symbol of masculinity but Vezzoli recreated the statue in high heels, which is a commentary on gender identity. Personally I like it because it is a classic remixed.
George Condo – Jesus and The Cross
I am more of a fan of the cubist/surreal George Condo.

Still more to come…

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