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Frieze New York 2013

May 13, 2013

I went to the Frieze Art Fair on Thursday. This was my second time going to Frieze so I can officially say that I love it. Often when you attend a large art fair like Frieze you feel overwhelmed, tired and barely able to remember the art you have just seen because it has become jumbled in your head. But Frieze is organized in a way that you have a chance to relax or take a break without feeling rushed.
Braving the wind and the rain I dragged myself to Randall’s Island and this is what I saw.

David Shrigley – I Love People and Things
Jana Euler – Two layers of gossip rain

Texturally I love this painting. It would be a good print.
Barbara Kruger – Untitled (Truth)
Classic Barbara Kruger but the only thing that turned me off was the fact that it was a digital print on vinyl. I wondered if it was worth the price tag.
Barbara _Kruger_Frieze2013
Walton Ford – Tri Thong Minh
I love Walton Ford. I think his work is wonderful. This one is watercolor, gouache, ink and pencil on paper.
James Nares – Pedal to the Metal
Thermoplastic and acrylic on linen. Simple, clean and striking. Great for an office space or a modern living room.   James_Nares_Pedal_to_the_Metal_Frieze2013
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian
This artist was represented by a gallery in Dubai which gave me insight into what is popular in the Middle East. It actually reminded me of the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

Andrea Bower
This piece was supposed to be a protest to Frieze’s ongoing use of non-union labor. The one below is a drawing of an angel holding a banner that says “Equal work deserves equal pay” produced by marker on cardboard. Also in instead of a label, there is a letter speaking out against Frieze’s labor practices and enumerates the workers’ concerns written by Bowers addressed to “the Art Fair Leadership, Gallerists, Artists and Patrons.”
Antonis Donef – Untitled
I found out about this artist last year and he continues to interest me. This piece is ink on paper mounted on canvas. See the detail below.
Aleksey Kallima – Unnamed Hill

Voyeurism at it’s best but interesting because of the lack of detail.
Pavel Pepperstein
– The cowboys are breaking the ice, 2013, Watercolor & ink on paper
– The flags are breaking the ice, 2013, Watercolor & ink on paper
– The hands are breaking the ice, 2013, Watercolor & ink on paper

Russian surreal artist who I continue to love.
Cornelia Parker
I originally saw one of her pieces in the V&A in London. I thought the way she displays her pieces was very interesting. This piece also reflects a trend at Frieze which was things being hung from fishing wire.
Haegue Yang – Facing the Untouched
To be continued….

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