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Short Guide To Miami Art Week

November 25, 2013

I have been getting a ton of emails from people asking me what they should see during Miami Art Week.
Art Week in Miami (December 3rd-8th) has become this crazy week in which art is celebrated by fairs, events and parties around the city. During this week it can become very overwhelming if you have never been there before or if you don’t know where to start. I personally think the fairs, which encompass the best, are Art Basel Miami Beach, Scope, Pulse, Miami Project, and NADA. There are many other great satellite fairs throughout the city of Miami like Red Dot (which is a lot of young artists) or DesignMiami (which if you are a Design Nerd like me is wonderful). Below the map is an overview of what the art scene is about.

To see map of fairs with addresses click here
Miami Art Week is often just referred to as ‘Basel’ because Art Basel Miami Beach is the largest and the most seen art fair during that time frame. It encompasses hundreds of galleries from all over the world showing what they think are some of the best art in the world. While it was probably exciting a few years ago recently, it has become a bit stale. A lot of the galleries target high-priced buyers who are not looking for ground breaking but an impressive buy (meaning they want people to be impressed when they see it in their house). There are the usual Warhol, Picasso, Matisse, Basquiat works as well as Longo, Hirst, Murakami. Very famous, very pricey. There are also galleries which supposedly show emerging artists but they are few and far between. For me going to Art Basel itself, is like being a teenager visiting grandparents- you want to visit them but you would rather be with your friends. I go to Art Basel not because I think that I will see something incredible but because it is important to know what is the whole picture of the art world.

$42 (One Day), $90 (Permanent Pass), $32 (evening ticket after 4pm)
Reduced Day Tickets (Students with ID, Senior aged 62 and above and Groups of 10 or more) $26
$55 Combination Ticket for Art Basel and Design Miami

Thursday December 5th, Noon – 8pm
Friday, December 6th, Noon to 8pm
Saturday, December 7th, Noon to 8pm
Sunday, December 8th, Noon to 6pm

Scope is an art fair which is interesting to go to at least once a year. I say once a year because a lot of the galleries that participate repeat what they show in different cities. The Scope fair that I went to in March in New York was showing a lot of pieces based on street art and humor. These are two things that I always enjoy because it breaks up the day of people taking themselves way too seriously.

General Admission $25 and Students $15
Free for VIP cardholders

Wednesday, Dec 4th, 11 – 8pm
Thursday, Dec 5th, 11 – 8pm
Friday, Dec 6th, 11 – 8pm
Saturday, Dec 7th, 11 -8pm
Sunday, Dec 8th, 11 – 8pm

Pulse and Miami Project are two fairs which have become my favorites. Often the work I have seen there is groundbreaking and exciting. Pulse is a more established art fair then Miami Project but Miami Project has become one of the best fairs to go to. As I looked over the list of galleries that were showing at Miami Project this year I noticed that a few of the cooler galleries had switched to Miami Project from Pulse.

General Admission $20
Students and Seniors $15
MultiPass (4 day) $25

Thursday, December 5th, 1 – 7pm
Friday, December 6th, 10 – 7pm
Saturday, December 7th, 10 -7pm
Sunday, December 8th, 10 – 5pm

One Day Ticket – $25
Multi-Day Pass – $40
Preview Ticket and Multi-Day Pass – $50

Tuesday, December 3rd, 4:30 – 10pm
Wednesday, December 4th, 11 – 5:30pm
Thursday, December 5th, 11 – 7pm
Friday, December 6th, 11 – 8pm
Saturday, December 7th, 11 -7 pm
Sunday, December 8th, 11 – 6pm

NADA Art Fair is known for showing mostly emerging artists. “Emerging artist” is an interesting term because it can range from people who have just graduated college to people who are far along in their career but they just have never shown before. The art at the fair often reflects this broad terminology. Many of the pieces look like they were made by students and not at a level of other artists that are in other fairs. But this fair is good to see the differences between established artists and emerging as well as seeing what art is popular around the world. NADA is also one of the only fairs to be run by a non-profit and is FREE.

Thursday, December 5th, 2 – 8pm
Friday, December 6th, 11 – 8pm
Saturday, December 7th, 11 – 8pm
Sunday, December 8th, 11 – 5pm

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