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December 11, 2013

From a very young age I loved to go to the architecture and design floor of the MOMA and stare at the furniture and other well-designed objects. For me, one of the most interesting things in life is to see how things people can use every day can be reinterpreted to look completely different. So even though DesignMiami was a relatively small show it presented some fantastic museum-quality exhibitions of 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting and objets d’art

Reinier Bosch
Letter Table, 2013
ReinierBosch_LetterTable _designmiami
‘Peacock’ Chair, April 2013
Atelier Ted Noten
Bird Bag, 2013
AtelierTedNoten_BirdBag _designmiami
Desk by Se Hwa Bae
Nucleo Satyendra Pakhale
Bronze Table & Wood Fossil Stools, 2013
Stuart Haygarth
Spectacle chandelier (shown with detail image)
H & F Campana
Sushi Mirror
Benjamin Rollins Caldwell
Guilherme Torres Mangue Groove for Swarovski Crystal Palace

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