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Wynwood Boombox & Loveism

December 26, 2013

Out of all the murals I saw in the Wynwood District of Miami the ones below were of my favorites. I originally saw these, when I drove past them on the I-95 highway from the airport and immediately wanted to pull over. I have had the opportunity to see a lot of graffiti in my life but I rarely get the feeling of amazement that these two murals gave me.
When I got to the boombox mural there was a girl sitting in a child’s pink convertible. I loved this somewhat surreal image of her sitting in front of the building.
I loved the combination of colors on a silver background from the building turned into a boombox which was painted by hand in four days by San Francisco graffiti artist Chor Boogie and Trek6. (Originally the building was painted by an Miami artist named, Sonni in a fun-loving primary color design).
The mural on the wall around 200ft behind the boombox building was also by Trek6 in collaboration with Hec One Love. The mural states Loveism in a serif type, which is a series of murals for Hec One Love. The Bob Marley portrait was painted by Trek6.
I love seeing both the boombox and the colorful Loveism at the same time.

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