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2 Days At The Fairs

March 10, 2014

Seeing art is one of my favorite things to do. Being an artist and being surrounded by art in any capacity makes me feel excited to some degree. This is why I love art fairs. The potential to see some wonderful piece of art that changes the way that you look at the world is high because of the amount of art that is under one roof. Of course there are always duds or pieces that contain ideas that you have seen before but, the feeling that consumes you when you see that gem is indescribable.
During the 2014 Armory show art week there are several fairs all over the city. I went to four different ones: The Armory Show, Volta, Independent, and the ADAA Art Show in the Park Avenue Armory.  If you don’t know anything about the art fair world, seeing all these fairs are a good mix of established and emerging artists. (In theory).
During Art Basel in Miami everyone puts their best foot forward but here in New York, during this week, a lot of galleries are known for playing it safe. They participate because they have to, not because they want to “Wow” everyone with something spectacular.  They put something out which they know can sell which was not necessarily finished within the last few years or even century. This can be relatively disappointing.
But I go because I enjoy seeing art and hope that seeing some art will give me insight into what is going on in the art world. The following is what I saw and liked.

Shepard Fairey
Arab Woman, HPM, 2012 (Left), Dove Target Red, HPM, 2012 (Right)
Bharti Kher
Square a circle 1, 2013 (Detail on Right)
Haegue Yang
Jewel Glow – Trustworthy #205, 2013
Sensations of A Distance Mark The Diameter Reached Through The Rotation of Matter of Fact, 2013
James Rosenquist
Imagine an Apple Eaten, 1990
Roy Lichtenstein
Water Lilies with Willows, 1992
Ed Ruscha
News, Mews, Stews, Pews, Brews, and Dues, 1970
Nick Cave

Ati Maier
Do Ho Suh
Specimen Series
Monica Bonvicini/Sam Durant

Hole (William S. Burroughs shooting Brooklyn Bridge), 2003
Chen Haiyan
Darina Karpov
Flood (Noah Drawing I), 2013
Thomas Raat
The Hidden Persuaders, 2012
Adriana Bustos

Imago Mundi VI. Independent Thinker I, 2014
Andra Ursuta
Even More Love Hours, 2014
Kehinde Wiley
Saint Paul, 2014
Petah Coyne
Untitled #1388 (The Unconsoled)
Dana Schutz
Building the Boat While Sailing
Philip Taaffe

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