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Souk Shopping & Guide

April 21, 2014

Shopping in the souks of Marrakech is a crazy odd phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years. The city has always been used as a trading post and stopover on caravan routes for travelers from the African desert to Europe and because of this, it has become one of those places where you can find almost anything. There are a great range of items from high end luxury to food to the local crafts and artwork.
Marrakech medina shopping
Marrakech medina spices
Marrakech medina teas
Marrakech medina roses
Marrakech medina teapots
Marrakech medina herbs

I divided my shopping trips into two categories which was in the Medina (the old part of Marrakech) and Gueliz (the area that has more modern shops).

In the Medina:
Mustapha Baloui
142-144 Arset Aouzale, Marrakech, Morocco

La Porte D’Or
115 Souk, Semmarine
-Large selection of high quality rugs. Have now shopped there twice and have always found exactly what I wanted.

Bazar Chez Les Nomades
Kaat ben nahid, Zaouiat lahdar No 40
-Large selection of any kind and any price range of rugs

El Abidi Nasser EddineAt the south end of rue Souk Semmarine, Shop no. 9
-Wonderful selection of antique and original jewelry

Herboriste Amssafah
No. 32, Route Amssafah Marrakech, Medina
-Herbs, teas, oils, and many natural medicines

Bouriad Karim
Rue Fatima Zahra R’mila Dar El Bacha No 2
-Large range of Moroccan clothing for Men, Women, & Children
-Supplier to Calypso St. Barth

In and around Gueliz:
33 Rue Majorelle(Also the address of the place which is across the street from Yves Saint Laurent house)
-Modern Moroccan clothing and accessories

34 rue de la Liberte
-High quality Tod’s like loafers

Dada Home
9 Rue des Vieux Marrakchis
-Highly curated items for the home and old postcards and photographs of Morocco

One tip: Try and haggle on almost everything. It takes some guts and patience but you can often get things for 1/8 of the original price.

If you need a guide:
Aziz Benjadir is great. He speaks multiple languages and can give you history as well as suggestions on other places you might want to go without being pushy.
Mobile: 00 212 661 18 12 35

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