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On Top Of The Red City

April 25, 2014

In the Medina area of Marrakech most buildings are around four stories high. This is because there has been a long-standing planning ordinance that forbids any building in the old city to rise above the height of a palm tree. The only buildings which are larger are the minarets of the mosques around the city which are built that way for the call to prayer. When you view Marrakech from a rooftop the city itself seems quite flat and the sky seems quite large and overwhelming.
medina rooftops marrakech
marrakech mosque
I was able to get on some rooftops to take photos and one thing that stood out was how many satellite dishes there were. This struck me as wonderfully odd because in a place where tradition and “old ways” are so greatly valued on a ground level, up above where not many could see, technology and information was treasured even more.

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