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What I did on my summer vacation….

September 2, 2014

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on here. Sorry about that.
But I have been super busy this summer. I am in the midst of a new series of paintings (images to come in the soon). Making a new website and trying to figure out how the world of the interweb has changed since I made my last one 4 years ago(!) My lease is up on my studio and I have been trying to find a new one, which if you know nothing about Manhattan or New York real estate, is one of the worst nerve-racking experiences. I also have taken a job writing which is a weekly art column for the Sixty Hotel group.
I was approached in the Spring and the idea intrigued me. They told me I could write about anything I wanted that pertains to art, which was a plus for me because it’s hard to discuss or write about things I can not find value in. I also thought that in the history of being an artist or what people have thought being an artist is supposed to be, artists have not really been encouraged to discuss or even comment on the world they are surrounded by.
The art world has become a business that depends more on marketing than how gifted or innovative a person may be. It is about who you know and the press that you can receive. Also an artist is not one thing anymore. Artists have to be engaged in a broad spectrum of activities that relate to art. They have to sell and market themselves to a wide variety of people in different positions. It is one of the hardest “jobs” in life (I put jobs in quotes because it’s not a 9-5 job, it is a all consuming lifestyle).

With that in my mind, I thought that I would write about artists I believe in. Artists who I believe are extremely talented, whether they are emerging or established. The people I believe deserve the hype. I would write and instead of being the enemy (as art critics are often seen as), I would be an educator who could illuminate artists the art world should value.
To explore the articles I have written click the link below.
Art articles for 60 Hotel Group

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