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The Movement of a Prism- The Process of a Series

October 15, 2014

Over the last year I have experienced an awakening of sorts. About five years ago I started to transition out of a full-time career in design to enter into the world of fine art. In my first years as an artist, I blindly followed my heart to explore two series, (The Day God Spoke & The Women) which were about complicated subjects and emotions. I forced myself to dive deep into these subjects, which were painful. Now as I look back at the work produced during that time I realize that it was necessary to analyze those dark materials to see the light on the other side.

After the birth of my children (I had twins) I started to see things through the eyes of someone that had never seen them before. Watching how a young mind contemplated wind through beach grass or light shining through crystals that produced rainbows on the wall, stimulated me. I began examining my own subconscious by using my mind like a prism and divided the world I saw into multiple colors and abstract representations of deep-rooted memories.  I was inspired by sensory elements of experiences, explored the excitement of brilliant color, seeing the beginning of the purity of a new life, and light on a different plain by transcending to a new level of consciousness. In my work I depicted impossible abstract representations of an experience as well as a representation of a physical reality to portray what things are and what things should be.  I concluded that I want a viewer to be lost in awe of the intensity of the atmosphere that surrounds us.
In my work I explore my ideas that are rooted in street art, surrealism, abstraction, collage and realism, but most of all a connection with the universe and the creative consciousness. I appeal to the duality of the mind by representing both a rational and emotional approach to all that surrounds us. This duality continues through my work on other levels: permanent strength represented by stretched canvas and temporary fragility by collaged paper, realism and locality of a photograph and abstractions inspired by shapes found in natural phenomena and the cosmos. By using familiar images and shapes as symbols for universal triggers which are deeply embedded as building blocks of our reality, my images are able to create immediate impact.

My process begins with a photograph, which is painted onto canvas. Analyzing the flow and shapes of the painting, I create a fractured abstract form which represents dispersion of light. Integrating assemblage of cutouts from printed media, I create a design, which complements the abstract forms. The combination of these mediums allows the viewer to experience the information simultaneously. Thus activating a subconscious relationship with each piece by the recognition of the feeling and textures of the modern world we live in. And yet, at the same time, the images transcend it. Giving the viewer a unique alternative to the world they already know and escape to a place that only their inner guidance can dictate.
The following images are a more detailed visual explanation of my process. They chronicle the starting photograph that develops into the drawing and design of the blueprint for the painting and then, process of the painting and collage of the final image.


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