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The Gems of Commercial Art

December 9, 2014

ArtMiami is the most commercial of all the fairs. When I say this I mean that the art is usually the most relatable to the common man or woman. Usually the concepts of the pieces can be understood within a matter of seconds. While I believe any artist who creates should be considered and valued to some degree, I also get annoyed when collectors blindly follow what is trending and little emphasis is put on the work itself.
The following images are the gems I found amongst the mediocre.

Paul Villinski
Simon Procter
Miya Ando
Jae Yong Kim
Discovered this collective 4 years ago in Japan. They create their art by fusing and melting plastic toys into different shapes. Sometimes cutting the shapes to reveal what has been combined. The art produced does not contain any deep concepts but the execution and technique is pretty cool.

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