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Exploration into Miami Project

December 13, 2014

Miami Project is usually one of my favorite art fairs during the Art Basel week in Miami. In the past the art has been fresh and exciting but also fun. While there were remnants of the usual inspiring art that lined the booth walls, the feel of the fair was quite different and was lacking a spark. Below are the pieces that I found most appealing.

Michael Kagan
Contact Light
Tom Sanford
Custom Mao (Star Wars Stormtrooper)
David Klamen
Monet Remix
David Maisel
The Fail (Borox 5)
Stanley Casselman
Andy Diaz Hope
Andy Diaz Hope and Laurel Roth
Allegory of the Prisoner’s Dilemma
Masami Teraoka
(Though the allure of these images called to me from across the aisle, it wasn’t until after I had walked by did it occur to me that they were by the same artist. Love the evolution of his work).
31 Flavors Invading Japan / Today’s Special, 1980-1982
The Cloisters Last Supper/Eve and Giant Squid Hunters, 2012
Oil, gold leaf, and acrylic with gold leaf frame, 123 x 120 x 3 inches
Miles Aldridge
The Cult of The Self #3,

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