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A Birth On The Beach

April 22, 2015

One of the most wonderful experiences I had at the beach was seeing sea turtles being born and making there way to the ocean. Everyone seemed to crowd around to see what was happening but still left ample room for the turtles to get by.
One of the turtles that hatched we thought was not going to make it. We knew that if we helped him, he then could drown so we left him where he wanted to be. We were upset but we knew that this was part of life. Not everyone succeeds.
Luckily after some time, the turtle was able to muster strength and make his way to the ocean. I could not help but think that this was a metaphor for life.
Life is not easy. There are many hurdles. No one will really help you become who you want to be. But with love and strength you can do anything to can set your mind to.

Who knew seeing turtles would change my views on life. I wish I had seen them years ago. 😉

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