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Gifts For Artful Giving

December 18, 2015

Are you becoming stressed out by the gifts that you have not yet bought? Are you continuously racking your brain for the perfect gift? Well look no further then the list below. Giving art-inspired gifts to those you care for will not only make you look cool but, will ultimately make you seem infinitely more cultured than you probably are. Listed below is the continuation of the gift list I made for the Sixty Hotel group. Hopefully one of these lists will be able to satisfy your needs.

For the Foodie
One of the best things about strolling through the Big Apple is experiencing all the different types of food it has to offer. While you cannot take all of them home, the Christina J. Wang scarf that is covered with illustrations of New York’s most delectable goodies is a great way to preserve the memories.
For the Accessories Lover (Woman and Man)
Featuring Barbara Kruger’s text-based imagery these red and black sunglasses are sure to add a bit of artistic flair to any outfit. kruger_glasses
Deborah Kass’ OY/YO cufflinks may not be for everyone but this version of her Pop Art OY/YO paintings and sculptures are certainly one of the most playful and luxurious accessories that anyone could wear.Kass_cufflinksFor the Kid in your Life
In celebration of the 150-year anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland, an oversized full color illustrated hardcover edition has been released for a new generation. Experience this magical journey through the eyes of a wonderful artist in this exceptional gift.alice_in_wonderlandFor the Retro Homemaker
No kitchen is complete without a Kit-cat clock. Invented in 1932 by designer Earl Arnault, this clock continues to fascinate viewers with its signature wagging tail, rolling eyes, and contagious smile.
For the Co-Worker
Help your co-workers step up their mug game with a beautiful design from the MoMA. Any of these eye-pleasing designs are sure inspire as well as make a splash when hanging by the water cooler.
Mug Van Gogh Starry NightFor the Ugly Sweater Competition
This season it is hard to please everyone. So when all else fails, let them eat cake! Fruit cake that is. With this silly and endearing sweater you are sure to melt even the most frozen heart.

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