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I fixed it!

August 31, 2019

Took a walk last week through lower Manhattan and saw these boring, bland, brown buildings that were originally designed for lower income housing. While I understand that these buildings were built using minimal construction costs and were supposed to be made for those who did not have a lot, I do not understand why they must look so awful.
I reimagined them to have large colorful murals that would cover the brick. Could you imagine if all buildings like this were covered in colorful murals? Let me know what you think.

On right- building as is, On left- my reimagined building

Muir woods

August 31, 2019

Recently I have been contemplating the five prominent patterns (spiral, meander, explosion, packing and branching) you see -especially in nature. So back in March I took my kids on a hike in Muir woods in Northern California. It was wonderful to see these patterns often converge in one area.

San Fran Nights

August 31, 2019

It doesn’t matter where I am in the world I love taking photographs at night. I love the isolation of shapes and lights. How everything can blend into each other and distance can be lost. The mystery and intimacy of reality seems so much more present when the sun is not around.


Clearwater Beach

August 31, 2019

Recently I traveled to Clearwater Beach to visit family. We stayed in a hotel that was across from the ocean. What was interesting to me about these 2 photographs is how dramatically different they feel even though they were taken of the same place.


Artist Rant

August 31, 2019

S152v2_webHere is what I know about artists:

They can be awkward or strange.

They can be distracted or introverted.

They can be dirty or smelly.

They don’t know how to pose or be a supermodel (be wary of those who do).

They are always at least a little bit crazy.

They can be a creator, originator, designer, producer, imposter, or a magician.
Artists generate new ideas and new ideas can change the world.

Studio portraits by Haus of Glass #artiststudio #painterlife #inthestudio


August 31, 2019

Autumn was a woman who lives on 125th Street in Manhattan. I was instantly struck by the fact that her eyes reminded me of rainbows. She worked as an interior designer, loved the outdoors and had a butterfly tattoo.
Autumn, Acrylic on paper, hand-cut magazine papers, gel mediums, 16” x 20”


August 31, 2019

Benjamin is a mild mannered man with sandy brown hair and glasses who was from the West Village. He loves the water, vintage levis, and the luxuries of life.
Benjamin, Acrylic on paper, hand-cut magazine papers, gel mediums, 16″ x 20″